"Cinta dan kebencian, hanyalah berjarak satu hantaman luka dan seribu lautan kenangan" — David Tandri

Monday, July 25, 2016

Final Update on Seoul Garden Issue

As I have stated before, I have reached Seoul Garden's owner to talk about this matter, and I have suggested to publish an official clarification on media. The clarification statement can be accessed on Analisa.

PS: This clarification statement is to clarify the issue following my complaint letter on Analisa.

In order to ensure the balance of the clarification, I have first sent the draft to Chris prior to publication, and he had verified the content without any change made.

This clarification statement will also served as a closure to this case. Thank you.

Medan, 25 Juli 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Clarification Regarding Seoul Garden Issue

I have read the latest clarification from Seoul Garden's owner, Christopher Angkasa, on Facebook, and thus I'm currently in process of reaching the owner to have a final conclusion about this issue and eventually close this case.

In this post, I won't release any more argument or opinion since I deem it unnecessary for the sake of clearing this matter. Thus, I have taken down the previous posts to prevent any more chaos, as well as a follow-up action regarding the owner's latest official statement. It's hard to explain to all people one by one regarding this matter, regardless of what's right and wrong. I had my right point which admitted as a service and personality failure by Chris, and vice versa. However, Chris has officially written a feedback to address this issue and I have got all the point very clearly. I have to admit, some words spoken between us have led to massive dispute that went viral on the internet. The logic is, what his friends think will be different from what my friends think. So if we keep fighting about this, it will just prolong the debate over this matter, while my purpose of releasing this statement is to end this debate, and to clear the thick dark cloud hanging between the owner and I.

Some people have shown up with a very good point in their comments. Some people were just adding oil in the flame. Some people were looking closely at the source of fire with another oil tank ready to pour it in. I can't prevent this, as everyone has their right to speak what they want. But overall, I thank you for all your feedback and it has served as a very good reminder.

So, I hereby apologize if any part of my doing apparently has set a bad example for the public. I never had the intention of gaining public attention/increasing my blog traffic, or being an attention-seeker type writer as everyone has mentioned.

If there is any further update on this issue, I will surely post it again on my blog.

Thank you!

Medan, 20 Juli 2016