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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Employees vs Customers

This is a very wise business mindset that has lost its practice today.

Most companies are unaware of the fact that they might have (for so long) abandoned/forgot about the importance of employee satisfaction, and yet expected their employees to "voluntarily" help with the service excellence program, all for the sake of company's image and marketing purpose.

The question is: how could a company expect their employees to serve the customers right, while the company didn't even serve their own employees right in the first place? Isn't this such a total bullshit and brutal selfish act? A company doesn't issue the paycheck and then think it's settled. That's so traditional and old-fashioned. This is why, to some companies, the so-called service excellence program is forever a mission impossible, no matter how much effort, time and budget they had spent on it to socialize, organizing events, merchandising, etc.

This kind of company was just capable of commanding their employees instead of listening. Even worse is, the company was just commanding their employee to give something better when in (critical) need. Otherwise, the employees were just daily machines to them. As long as it still happens that way, no matter how hard a company tried to convince their employees, the great value of service excellence program would just end on the very presentation board or forum, and did not melt into employees' working spirit.

Because the fact is, it takes only a fresh graduate or common people to understand the value of service excellence and how to treat customers right. So there's no reason that a senior employee with years of accumulated working experience doesn't know about this. It was just their choice to do it or not and what company did was just telling and explaining what they already knew.

In order for them to do that, a company must first ensure their satisfaction, invest more in them, and build their trust towards management. This will create strong sense of belonging inside the employees' community. The positive vibes will spread around them initiatively without need to be commanded, forced, or even threatened by warning letter or any punishment method. This way, even with less budget and effort any company could make this service excellence program happen, automatically and permanently. Even the best result is, a company could finally build a fun family, instead of just boring organization with forced routines.

Medan, November 12th, 2015