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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Christmas Wishes

All I simply want in this Christmas is not much:

1) A Sony walkman, and listen to the broken songs which I recorded from the radio.

2) Calling to the radio station secretly (unknown by parents), state my residence street name, order a song from A1 and quickly rush back to the radio tape just to hear my name being mentioned.

3) Tamagotchi, will insist to feed my virtual pet to the stage of obesity, and wait until it falls sick and give it an injection. And I don't know why, I just feel sad when it's really dead.

4) Tazos, just fly it everywhere around my house.

5) a pair of ATT shoes that has a glowing red light on its heel side when stepped on, will keep stepping it and enjoying the light blip while my parents worrying about the battery life.

6) wait for my childhood crush to board the school bus and purposely sit closer to her usual seat.

7) pagering my dad just to say, "Hello, pls come home earlier." (I mean the real '90 pager)

8) riding on a bicycle with two hands off the handlebar, keep cycling fast and purposely run through any speed bumps on the street.

9) buy a fake cigarette candy, put it on my mouth, and pretending to blow out the smoke like a thug.

10) randomly pick an abandoned coin of IDR 25 on the street, and willingly walk miles away just to find a store and purchase a single piece of Fruit-tella candy.

and finally...

11) reach stage 8 of Super Mario Bros without skip any preset rounds through the secret flowerpot, and meet the kingkong in fully armed condition.

Message to Santa:

I really hate it when I was enjoying my free time in the morning prior to school and suddenly my parents shouted to me from the kitchen, "Go out and buy some chili for me. Errr... and some onions too, ...and scallions." And my reply be like, "Damn, why don't you prepare all the stuff you need before you cook?" And I got, "Shut up and just go, or you'll not have your lunch. And remember... you MAY NOT keep the change."

Medan, Christmas Eve, 2014



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