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Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Mango Signature", A Taste and Beauty from Soi Bangla, Patong

"MANGO SIGNATURE", a mouthwatering dessert served by Fruity Crepes, a street food stall stood at Soi Bangla (Bangla Road), Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand. To be exact, it is located at the corner near the end of Soi Bangla, just a stone’s throw away from the beach. It is very easy to notice their stall thanks to the heavy crowd that fill up the stall front. You have to Q for a long minutes before it’s your turn to put an order. And the serving time is quite a headache. I almost gave up my order back then, but since I was on travel and nothing good might come twice, I always bear myself a principle of travelling which is “fly, try, buy, or say bye-bye”, and principle of culinary which is “never waste the taste”, I had to insist for my plate, regardless of my sore feet and hip.

So make sure you are mentally prepared before decide to park your ass there. LOL. I was finally eating at the side of the stall, because I was too tired to continue walking. Damn it, I had just walked a few miles strolling the beach and around Soi Bangla itself. It’s time to spoil my belly with some calories.

But my patience was actually paid off. Topped with few chunks of fresh mangoes, a fine scoop of chocolate ice cream, and a spread of vanilla cream and chocolate milk, the foundation was perfectly crafted. The plating itself was a temptation, that I couldn’t help to stare at it before dig up my first spoon (you can see I even took photo of it). The composition was too cute to be destroyed, but my belly was knocking hard after a long walk. I then finished it in no time, but the taste remained in thought. Really couldn’t expect more!

By the way, it costs only THB 120 (two years ago) or apprx. IDR 36K (currency at that time). Quite reasonable price I thought, consider that the location is at the heartbeat of Patong, where the razzle-dazzle of nightlife seems to drag all the passing souls, which benefits the pricing system on such tourist-oriented market spot.

Well this stall actually offers a lot of unique menus, but I had no idea why I chose “Mango Signature”. Maybe it was the picture effect, since the mangoes were so bright in yellow, and it looked so hot for a starving person like me. Haha. Unfortunately, during my 3 nights stay in Patong, I had just tasted this food once (I found this stall on the 2nd night). Due to time constraint, I couldn’t come back there because I had full trip schedules on 3rd day and night, and I had to leave for Bangkok in the next morning. At least I tasted it once, and I didn’t fail my travelling principle, though.

But I will definitely come back to Phuket one day. I’ve been there twice but it seems to be never enough. Well, tell me which traveller doesn’t like Thailand anyway? Hahaha. I just hope that the business of Fruity Crepes is going well, stay in the same location and the most important is that they still retain their old great menus.

Finally, thank you for reading my short review, I wish that it could give you an additional preference for your travel. Wah Koon Khap!

Medan, October 23rd, 2014



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