"Cinta dan kebencian, hanyalah berjarak satu hantaman luka dan seribu lautan kenangan" — David Tandri

Sunday, February 09, 2014

[Dave & Cellyne] Is Love Really Confusing?

Cellyne: Did you know, that love will never free us from confusion in our whole life?

Dave: How come you could say that?

Cellyne: First, when you start falling in love with someone, you will afraid that you are not good enough for her. Second, when you finally confess your feeling towards her, you are afraid of being rejected. Third, even when you both finally be in a relationship, you will somehow afraid of losing her. And fourth, when you both finally married and get older, you will start afraid of who will die first.

Dave: True indeed, but I think I know how to answer that.

First, if I'm really not good enough for her, then I will just love her even more, to make me at least seen enough and heard enough.
Second, even if I was rejected, I will tell her that my love will continue in distance.
Third, if I really have to lose her, then I will start thinking to love her happiness instead of loving the person anymore.
Fourth, if the time has come, I would rather die first, so that I will never miss a day without seeing her.

Cellyne: Hahaha! Then I think I should kill you earlier, so that you will never see my old and ugly face.

Dave: You will never be ugly, sweetheart, as long as my eyes have seen enough our good memories. Even if you finally turn white, it means you are just closer to your angel's days.

Cellyne: I owe you my life!

Dave & Cellyne: (xoxo)

Medan, February 09th, 2014

Friday, February 07, 2014

[Dave & Cellyne] A Man Without Mother

Cellyne: So you are missing your mom again?

Dave: Yeah. Tomorrow is her birthday, but I feel bad since she can no longer hear me saying this.

Cellyne: Don't worry. She can feel you from up there, in heaven.

Dave: But I can't feel her in return. A man with no mother is like a man without history.

(Cellyne was touched by Dave's grief, and knew that no words could block his tears for falling down. All she could do was just embrace him tightly, so that she could somehow attached to Dave's pain, and try to recuperate the moment together)

Cellyne: Don't be sad, sweetheart. As long as I'm with you, you will lose nothing a man needs for most. Mmuahhhh!

Medan, February 07th, 2014