"Cinta dan kebencian, hanyalah berjarak satu hantaman luka dan seribu lautan kenangan" — David Tandri

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Speaking isn’t always the best way to express our mind. Sometimes we are coming a cropper to make up our languange, intonation even the words into a proper speech. If so, then we also failed to build the strong meaning that actually we wanted others to understand better. Another odd is that the relationship doesn’t always give you the chance to speak (as well) because the doing of speech isn’t written down in anyone’s schedule. It’s just a natural interaction that you even never plan to speak for some topics or response in the grumbling tone of voice. Because, truth needs time to be analyzed.

The real art of communication is not fulsome but can touch the heart. It needs control, experiences and breadth of knowledge. There are still a lot of paradigms ready to be revealed. I’m as a writer, can’t live in such an empty mind. And I don’t have a large storage of mind to keep all my best paradigms. It’s time to publish not only your lovely face, slim body but also your MIND. Then you will aware, the more you think the more you live.

Here I present many of my writings, or it can be called my paradigms. Not always true in every single “eye”, I know. But at least, it is better than not at all. So… I got something to be brought out anytime when the condition appeared. Even, I may have done my best speech at that time.

Most of my writings presented on this page had been published on various mass media, especially newspaper and magazine. So… you can believe that these are valid, can’t you? Well, I never think that as my job. It’s too simple! I called it responsibility of human being. Because I think, the only difference that distinguishes human being and other lifes being is MIND. So why don’t I bring it out?

Wish you happy time for reading!!!***

Medan, May 2009